ZC Sterling Insurance Company - ZC Sterling is the worst insurance

Bellevue, Washington 4 comments

I have zc sterling.During hurricane Ike, they only gave us enough to patch things up.

2 years later I have a hole in my roof and an even bigger hole in the ceiling. I have filed a suit against them and now they are giving the attorneys the run around. There are 7 other families who have flled suit and they do not want to pay the settlement. They are not to be trusted.

The attorneys settled the case in November 2010.

Their attorneys won't return our attorneys phone calls.These people do not care about their customers.

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Irvine, California, United States #772257

Maybe after hurricane Ike you had used the insurance money to fix your roof instead of buying that big screen tv your roof wouldn't leak!

Los Angeles, California, United States #724662

ZC sterling no longer exists but yes you are correct this company and the current one is all about the money. They didnt care about any of the homeowners. :sigh


javascript:ac_smilie(':x') i have no clue why BOA assigns these companies to insure homes.they were charging me twice as much as USAA bank or $900.00 more!!

HOW TO CANCEL their service, well they make sure you cant find their contact info? Bank of America didnt tell that they were charging for two home insurances at the sametime since i had switch to USAA..... well i been trying to cancel but its impossible!!!! finally i found out the Sterling is no longer Sterling but QBE, adn they outsource their services to the worst, a Naitonal specialty insurance co!

the insurance co. doesn even have a phone or fax number.

outrageous that 2k goes to these places.i cannot even imagine what it would be like to file a claim with Sterling


I do have the same insurance.I did not pick up the insurance, mortgage company assigned it to me.

When they send their annual bill they are paid in a timely manner. When I called them for water damage, agents were busy. They do not answer calls and if they answer they pretend that they are working hard. I am based in West coast.

They are in East coast. I call them early but nobody answers immediately answer machine activates. After leaving your message GOOD LUCK!!.

besides if you call them little bit late they are gone!!I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS INSURANCE AT ALL.

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ZC Sterling Insurance Company - Zc sterling not good company

Richmond, Virginia 1 comment
Not resolved

i had a break in november 20th.today is december 8th and zc sterling has not yet resolved the claim.

when you call you are made to feel like a criminal and the customer services sucks. the only positive experience was with my local adjuster who was very kind, responsive and kept me up to date with everything he was doing. he was done in two days and i still have had no resolution. i had to pay for the door repairs as the letter i received from them clearly indicated "i was responsible for securing the home".

Really, well arent they responsible for reimbursing me. They want me to bear the burden of proof.

No average person will have receipts for televisions, wii's, dsi's they purchased if they have had them a while.The warranties are usually only good after a year so the average person wouldnt have that either

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I had a break in my house on Nov 20th 2010.Today is Feb 28th 2011 and my case is still pending as this company has hired a law firm who wants to do an Examination under Oath.

I am gathering all my receipts by calling vendors, Credit Card companies to gather all the proof of ownership. To date I still havent been paid a dime for repairs to protect my home,esp the door that was broken completely to make an entry inside the house. Upon calling several times with no response from my claims respresentative, I requested to speak with the manager. When I finally got a call back from him, he actually made a statement that why did I hire a public adjuster when he is doing the job of answering my questions.

I added to that comment by saying that its my decision of what to do and who to hire for my case. I am calling him to get answers because my adjuster is also getting a run around and not getting any answers.

All I was told was this case is under investigation and they have hired an attorney to get to me. I have finally come to a date thats good for both of us and that is six months later.

Its still to see the results to this case.We have had a big loss and I am still struggling to get this case going.

ZC Sterling Insurance Company - This company made me wait for their inspector for over a year and a half and then denied my claim.

Washington, District Of Columbia 0 comments
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ZC Sterling is unfair, cheap and biased. They kept me waiting for a year and a half and then sent someone out to do a quickie inspection on what is obvious to Stevie Wonder to be wind damages and wrote it off as neglect.

Hello, Hurricane Ike was almost over two years ago, so they just waited and waited and then called it neglect on my part. What did they really ecpect to find after that long.

To make insult over injury the denial letter was as sarchastic as the person I spoke with on the phone. What is insurance for anyway, to fatten the wallets of poor unsuspecting citizen while they continue to raise the premium with no explanation?

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ZC Sterling Insurance Company - Zc sterling is a ripoff company

Orlando, Florida 0 comments
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I have been dealing with an insurance claim from zc sterling, for 8 months now.The issue at hand is sinkholes on property.

They turned the claim saying the people they sent to inspect found no activity, second claimed turned down via letter from them stating that the claim was denied due to them not having the money to pay the claim,so I hired an adjuster, who then hide a company to REALLY inspect the property with equipment, and sure enough found a few sinkholes.

now they are willing to pay about half the amount of claim.ZCSTERLING RIPOFFS

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ZC Sterling Insurance Company - ZC Sterling Insurance is a Ripoff Company

Houston, Texas 0 comments

This company has a contract with mortgage companies where if you are even 1-2 days late in your payment your mortgage servicer adds high risk insurance through ZC Sterling onto your mortgage and ZC Sterling is paid from the proceeds of your escrow, which may run your escrow into a negative balance.This company should be put out of business due to their "seedy" practices of collecting monies from mortgagees.

They have a contract with the mortgage servicers to where they are the only ones who do the underwriting for the mortgage servicers and the only ones who lose in all this is the mortgage holder. This company is unreputable and are taking great advantage of the current housing market issues at the present time and are getting rich in the process of taking advantage of the mortgage crisis. This company is no better than the banks and financial institutions who helped put all us at risk of losing homes to start with. The federal government should be investigating the unethical practices of this company.

Their rates are astronomical and the homeowner or whomever buys the foreclosure is the person who is paying for this thievery. This company need to be turned into the state insurance board in every state they are operating and your state's attorney general.

Help shut these people down.They are as unreputable as they can be and need to go down for what they are doing to struggling homeowners.

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ZC Sterling Insurance Company - ZC Sterling unfair, cheap, unprofessional

Lithonia, Georgia 20 comments
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We have insurance for our home with this company.On Feb.

23, 2008 we had water damage filed a claim, and to date they have not paid us anywhere close to the estimates they said we had to get. They gave us the runaround, had an adjuster sent out who only showed up 2 weeks later, that was unresponsive, and then the office passes us from one person to another whenever we call. We are in the metro-Atlanta area.

They want us to accept a measley amount which does not even cover much of our damages.They are the worst!

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There appears to be alot of uneducated people that are commenting here.I tried to read through the comments but there are so many words spelled incorrectly until it began to annoy me.

Then I realized that......oh nevermind.


I have read these cry babies comments.No.

1, if you had handled your business, you would not have lender placed insurance on your home.

No.2, if you would stop trying to get a total remodel from a little water leak, your claim would move more smoothly


I used to work for them and it became abundantly clear very early on they are just in it for the money.Compensation was low end due to their offshoring practices.

And the service the provided in Lender Placed Coverage is by nature exorbitently priced which fits the company's nature entirely.So glad I left


I'm having serious problems with ZC Sterling.The are going me he run around on a claim.

At one time they said the check was sent to my mortgage company the next time they said it would he another week before it could be sent.

On top of that they dont return phone calls or emails.I will be glad when all of this is cleared up.


I just had a claim that happen on 2-5-10.i do not know if the company is bad but I do know the adjuster habdling my claim is unprofessional.

I am thinking about gettin a lawyer to handle this claim.

I have been hosptialed behind the water damage that i have occur.This adjuster is giving my contractor the run around.I would love to get in a class action lawsuit.


ZC Sterling is forced place insurance by your mortgage co/Bank. If you to let the mortgagee co/Bank froce palce insurance, you should know they are only looking out for their interest not your. GET YOUR OWN INSURANCE.


I won't even waste my time writing about this jerks.However, plan on a lengthy battle for ANYTHING you request for them.

The agent handling my case argued with me and told me that he had never gotten my calls even as I read him the dates and times for each of the three!!

He (DAMON DAVIS) was very unprofessional and attempted to belittle me and try and make me feel like a child.BEWARE people...they are not who you want to deal with.


zc sterling charge me 70.00 more in one year, they telling me my home is not new any more and if the house catch in fire its will cost more than what its worth to re - built it , I thing they traying to found any reason to get more money from customer, just not fair


I have had nothing but problems with ZC sterling.My home was broken in to and i was told that it would take a max of 1 month to file my claim and get my check in the mail.

That was over 6 months ago. I turned in all the paper work on time just like they said. I have tryed many times each day to get a hold of the guy working on my case to no avale. I have left message after message.

when i finally did get a hold of someone i was told the guy on my case would be out of the office for 2 weeks and he has someone else looking over the file for me. I got a hold of Andrew King finally and he said that he never got any of my faxes i sent in. ( after the guy who was temp replaceing hime said he had them. I was told to fax them again.

I did that and have still not heard back. I am so upset it is not even funny. After i get my check i am changeing insur companys.

They are rude and unprofessional.i do not recommend them to anyone.


We filed a claim on October 5, and after 3 cancelled appointments, the adjuster came and did a thorough inspection on our home.We have substantial water damage due to a bathroom leak.

He told us that he would complete the report in 24 hours, and he told us to give the insurance company 1 week. We got another call today. A new adjuster informed us that the former adjuster had been let go, and he would be out to reinspect our home.

He was very kind and seemed respectful.We've been displaced for 3 weeks, and I am hoping this claim does not turn out the way many of yours have.


ZC Sterling has been so unfair, massive delays, sent adjuster that claimed 1/4 of damages, now I am at the end of my repairs of Ike one year later, having to possibly sue to get the final amount,

They are disingenuous, and should be federally investigated for fraud.


I have a claim for room damage being processed by ZCSterling.The adjuster changed dates of inspection and so I was travelling when he did his job.

But the check was issued in the name of the old bank although the contact information from the new lien holder (refinanced) was sent promptly by fax and also on phone to ZCSterling. And now it has become a nightmare trying to get a hold of the claims rep. The service rep says the claims rep reocrd shows my phone line doesn't accept her phone calls.

Now who is smoking what?All kinds of tele-marketers have no problem in spamming my voice-mail but only ZCSterling cannot reach me ?

I have only 30 days left to fix the damages or I will assessed a fine by the HOA.

God save Americans from Greedy Companies.


ZC Sterling sucks...no other way to say it...the people you talk to don't care...I had to sue to get payment, which I still haven't received from hurricane RITA...that's over 3 years and yes it goes to the mortgage so I have to refinance to get the money to repair the house..they don't care that the house will be worth less damaged.because I had to sue no one will talk to me .

they hang up the phone saying it's my fault for filing a lawsuit..my adjustor walked around my house and was gone in 5 minutes.he never went inside and said he would (give) me $3500 for repairs..the house needs a new roof new roof joists 3 windows replaced, house leveled fenses replaced , main plumbing replaced, trees removed....my lowest bid for the roof alone was $17000


Why don't you contact the CEO directly

William (Bill) J. Brochalis

226 Lindsey Place NE

Marietta Ga 30067

770-509-5455 or 770-509-2679


I've been waiting for nearly a month now for the folks at ZC Sterling to simply call me back to update me on my claim I filed. DO NOT deal with ZC Sterling. I'm changing insurance as soon as this mess is cleared up, if it ever gets cleared up.

Is there a class action lawsuit that I can join in on? This is so ridiculous. I am about to contact a lawyer to get some action going. My house is sitting in the rain as I type with severe roof damage probably taking on water now!


brenda b: you are *** and so is ZC Sterling.What kind of sorry company has people like you working for it that threaten people for posting honest opinions with slander?

Wow, you must be proud to work for these "people" And I love how you say to have our ducks in a row.

What kind of comment is that other than proof your company will try to rip off the consumers.I'm one of the ones organizing a class action suit against ZC Sterling and I hope your one of the ones that has to testify.


Pending class action against ZC Sterling for their handling of Ike claims. Monitor this site for upcoming information in the coming weeks.

Cardonald, Scotland, United Kingdom #36361

They are not taking care of me.For over a week now they have been giving me the run around.

As soon as we get some sort of settlement (and with the way they're acting, I'm not expecting much) we will begin legal actions.We're already coming up with enough people from our area to get on board for a class action suit.


I agree that they are unprofessional and unfair.My brother owns a restoration company in Georgia.

We were called to complete a fire damage restoration claim for a homeowner. We were called by an adjuster on behalf of ZC Sterling. We did the work, including having a storage pod delivered on site to hold the homeowners contents. We did all of the structure in the house.

I met with contractors to get estimates on the repair portion. I submitted everything they needed for our company to be paid. I paid all of the expenses for the work, including a monthly storage fee. I spent two days going over the estimate with an auditor line by line only to never receive payment for our services.

ZC Sterling sent the payment for our services to the mortgage company who in turn applied our payment to the homeowners balance on their mortgage because they were in default. The homeowner has now been foreclosed on, the mortgage company auctioned the house off, and got paid about $18,000 for restoration/repair that they would not have had if I hadn't have done all of the work. When I called ZC Sterling, they said that they always send payment to the mortgage company. The mortgage company has put me through the wringer for about four months pretending that they were going to pay us our money only to tell me today that I shouldn't call any longer that the insurance funds were no longer availabe.

So Brenda B.if you would like I would love to talk to you about your wonderful company and maybe you can get me my money.


are you sure you can't talk to someone else higher up on this chain because i KNOW this is unacceptable; I work for one of the branches; is your insurance with ZC Sterling directly or one of our marketing partners? You need to contact someone else if you are not getting the answers you need; This is a wonderful company to work for and they would not appreciate their name being slandered on the internet; especially at "pissed consumer"; did you complain to the adjuster's department or go over his/her head? I think you should call the Atlanta office and talk to someone there; there has got to be a better solution for you; I apologize for this; I know how they treat their customers and their employees and this is not how it is done; Please make sure you have all of your facts straight before bad mouthing one of the world's largest underwriting companies; don't take that the wrong way; I am just saying make sure all of your ducks are in a row;

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